Japanese Knotweed Excavation

Japanese Knotweed is a problem that affects countries all around the world, it might be indigenous to Southern Asian countries but it has spread far and wide. Glasgow is no different and when you need help dealing with an outbreak of Japanese Knotweed we are the people to call.

At Knotweed Removal Glasgow we can deal with Japanese Knotweed in a wide variety of ways and our excavation treatment is the perfect way to deal with Knotweed on larger scales. Commercial outfits like housing developments and construction businesses will also be sure to benefit from this Knotweed removal service as well.

Before we take a closer look at our excavation service let’s examine why Japanese Knotweed is so dangerous. Knotweed might seem harmless at first and you might even think it looks nice but while its appearance is certainly debatable it’s potential for causing damage isn’t!

Japanese Knotweed is dangerous because of its rapid growth, it can grow incredibly quickly and overrun other plants. Japanese Knotweed is also very adaptive and can spread into small places like vents and cracks.

This is what causes it to damage buildings and homes by attacking their foundations and causing structural damage. In Scotland (and many other countries) Japanese Knotweed is officially labelled as an invasive species and the Scottish Wildlife and Natural Environment Act 2011 makes it illegal to spread the weed.

Whether the spreading is accidental or not it is still an offence in Scotland so the dangers posed by Knotweed are taken very seriously. But while it is certainly difficult to deal with it’s not unkillable and one sure-fire way to get rid of Japanese Knotweed for good is with a professional excavation service. So, without further ado let’s look at how our excavation treatments work in more detail.

How We Can Help You With Knotweed Excavation

At Knotweed Removal Glasgow we provide a range of excavation services that can help you rid yourself of Japanese Knotweed once and for all. Excavation might sound extreme but it is one of the only ways to 100% guarantee Knotweed removal.

Herbicide sprays and other similar methods are great ways to deal with Japanese Knotweed but there is only so much they can do. For large outbreaks of Knotweed, excavation is the preferred method, it can usually remove the weed entirely and is usually much faster than herbicide treatments.

If you’re unsure what method to use don’t worry because the Knotweed Removal Glasgow team can help you there as well. We’ll survey the infestation and advise you on the best treatment plan to use for your needs.

If you’re a housing developer, for example, excavating Japanese Knotweed is going to be the best treatment method when compared to the more common herbicide treatments. But excavation isn’t just something that can benefit new builds and construction projects it can also be utilised for personal use as well.

If your garden is overrun with Knotweed plants then excavation could be the best solution. Excavation work can also be approached in a number of different ways and at Knotweed Removal Glasgow we have the tools and equipment needed to carry out any kind of excavation removal and we can offer both onsite and offsite removal and disposal.

Offsite removal and disposal will involve taking the excavated Knotweeds to a designated area for safe disposal. This will usually be a licensed landfill, however, this might not be needed, because the weeds could also be disposed of onsite.

If you have sufficient space available we are also equipped to remove the excavated plants and infected soil and then bury it on your own onsite waste spot. If you don’t have a designated waste spot then we can create one for you and bury the waste there. We can also cap the area with root barriers known as cells as well.

Excavation might seem costly when compared to herbicide treatments but it does provide many benefits and it’s something that can be approached in a number of different ways. So, if you are dealing with a larger outbreak of Japanese Knotweed or would like to ensure it doesn’t come back any time soon we can help.

Japanese Knotweed as a rather nightmarish reputation that isn’t entirely unearned and without merit. But it can be dealt with and stopped and a professional excavation is one of the best ways to do it, so if you need help dealing with Japanese Knotweed get in touch today.

The Benefits of Knotweed Excavations

Excavations might seem like an extreme way to tackle Japanese Knotweeds but in some cases, it is by far the most effective way to deal with infestations of this harmful weed. If you are dealing with larger infestations or need to do construction work then excavations are going to be your most effective treatment. Let’s check out the benefits of this treatment method in more detail below.

  • Excavations can remove 100% of Knotweeds and infected soil.
  • Excavations are ideal for larger groups of weeds and environments like building sites.
  • We offer numerous different types of excavations including both onsite and offsite removal and disposal.
  • With a proper excavation, there is little chance of Knotweeds re-growing.
  • Excavations will get rid of Knotweeds very quickly.

Who Are We?

It’s all in our name Knotweed Removal Glasgow so if you have a Knotweed infestation you know who to call. Scotland takes Japanese Knotweed infestations very seriously and the weeds can cause a lot of damage so if you spot them growing you’ll want them gone fast!

And we are just the people to do it, we have the tools and training to provide professional Japanese Knotweed excavations and many other treatment methods as well. Don’t worry if you’re unsure how to proceed either because we can help you there as well. So, if you have Japanese Knotweeds that need removing get in touch today.