Herbicide Spraying

Japanese Knotweed Herbicide Spraying Treatments

Japanese Knotweed might look harmless but it is no ordinary weed which is why it should be treated as soon as possible. Japanese Knotweed can grow incredibly quickly, in some cases a growth of 10cms and up has been reported which can lead to your garden (and many other possible locations) being quickly overrun with this weed.

But it isn’t just cosmetics and landscaping you need to worry about when it comes to Japanese Knotweed. Because of its potential to grow incredibly quickly, this plant can cause structural damage very easily. If Knotweed starts growing through cracks or holes in buildings it can spread quickly and cause a lot of damage.

Japanese Knotweed is very deceptive from the outside it might just look like a normal plant or weed but it can cause a surprising amount of damage in a very short amount of time. Now if you don’t know much about Japanese Knotweed you might be surprised by how you ended up dealing with an infestation of it in the first place.

Despite its name Japanese Knotweed is not only found in Japan it might be native to places like Korea, China, and other East Asian countries but it’s established itself in many countries all around the world and is classed has a major invasive species in many of them.

The UK is no different and Scotland, England, and Wales all have problems when it comes to dealing with Japanese Knotweed. In Scotland, the Wildlife and Natural Environment Act 2011 which came into effect in July 2012 stated that it is an offence to spread Japanese Knotweed.

This includes both intentional and unintentional/ accidental spreading of the weed as well so you can see that the Scottish government is taking the dangers posed by Japanese Knotweed very seriously. So, now you know that this plant is not so harmless after all the question remains how do you deal with it?

How Our Herbicide Spraying Treatments Can Help You

At Knotweed Removal Glasgow we have made it our mission to help anyone in Glasgow (whether home or business) free themselves of this harmful and sometimes dangerous weed. We can help you get rid of Japanese Knotweed in a number of ways and one of our most cost-effective options is our herbicide spraying treatments.

By using a combination of different herbicide sprays including the powerful Glyphosate we can kill harmful Knotweeds and leave your garden or business free of this nuisance weed. At Knotweed Removal Glasgow our experienced team will be able to carry out effect herbicide treatments with ease.

We know that everyone’s situation is different so will survey the infected area and work out the best way to treat it. Herbicide treatments are very effective when it comes to tackling Japanese Knotweed but they are not treatments that should be carried out by inexperienced hands.

Herbicide treatments need to be administered carefully otherwise they could risk harming the healthy parts of your garden. Herbicide treatments can also be very dangerous if bodies of water are nearby and the local wildlife should be taken into account as well.

In short, unless you have the experience and training you should leave the herbicide treatments to the professionals like our experienced team. This way we can also ensure that we kill the weeds for good, with Japanese Knotweed it’s easier than you might think to incorrectly believe the weed is dead when it isn’t.

If the Knotweed crown and roots are not sufficiently treated with the herbicide then the weed will just grow back so you will need to repeat the treatment process once again. So, if you want to ensure that the Knotweed is dead for good you should call our team to get any herbicide treatment carried out professionally.

We’ll survey the infected area and plan the best way to treat any Japanese Knotweed infestation, we also have a wide range of different tools to use including sprays, stem injections, and weed wiping. So, if you are suffering from the effects of Japanese Knotweed just get in touch with us today because our herbicide spraying treatments will be sure to help you.

The Benefits of Herbicide Treatments

Herbicide treatments are arguably the most common way to deal with Japanese Knotweeds and it has numerous benefits which I’ve outlined below.

  • Our herbicide can be applied in a variety of different ways.
  • Herbicide is a very fast way to treat Japanese Knotweed, particularly when sprayed.
  • Herbicide treatments are one of the more cost-effective ways to tackle Japanese Knotweed.
  • Herbicide is a great way to treat Japanese Knotweed in its early stages of growth.
  • Our team will be able to apply the herbicide without harming any plants.
  • We have a range of different herbicides available for treatments.

Who Are We?

We are Knotweed Removal Glasgow your Knotweed removal specialists! We provide a range of valuable, high-quality services that can help a wide range of people get their Knotweed problems dealt with. Knotweed is a problem throughout the UK and Glasgow is no exception so if you are having problems with Knotweed we are the team to call.

We have the tools, equipment, experience, and training to deal with a wide-range of Knotweed infestations. No matter the location or spread of the weed we can help and if you’re not sure what treatment method is best for you then we can help you there as well.